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October 2009

more field trips

monteverde, la fortuna, nicaragua

We had homestays for a weekend, where I was placed with a local from the Barrio Brasil not far from where the schools at. One of the girls is Yuliana, she has actually been one of the girls we play soccer with so I have known her from that. She is 25 and lives with her father Claudio and her uncle. Her dad is from a family of 11 brothers and sisters and she only has 2, her and her sister.elenapicsm..rde_027.jpg Pretty much everyone in that neighborhood is a relative of hers. They didnt have much and you come to see how amazing the Costa Rica family structure and support is. We played soccer which pretty much everyone plays here in Costa. We played on an artificial field with another group of girls, which was pretty intimidating since I um el sucko but I managed to score a goal even though we still lost 4-10, it was fun. The next day they took me to a local waterfall in Rio La Union. It was amazing. My new favorite pastime is jumping rocks in to waterfalls and that is exactly what we did. elenapicsm..rde_021.jpgThere was also a sliding rock, not that long, that we were able to go down. And when we hiked up a bit there was an abandoned mine that was use for stones for jewlery. (I forget what kind) We attempted to go in for a little bit but then got scarred cause it was pretty dark and went on for atelast a mile. She took care of her nephew alot who was with us that afternoon. We will be having a dinner and talent show for the families we stayed with in two days.

Me and five other girls have worked on this outreach project in San Isidro with kids from kindergardners to age 11. We went there and taught them some English words in relation to water conservation and then painted a mural dipicting water conservation as well. This morning we helped plant in the garden they have. elenapicsm..rde_010.jpgThe kids who were around 9-11years enjoyed working and helping in the garden. I was so impressed that they knew how to fix fences, plant plants, and what pests were bad for the crops. It was sad to see that that was the last day working with them they have been so fun and cute. elenapicsm..rde_011.jpg
Last weekend we went to Monteverde and la fortuna, which I have been to both already. MOnteverde is different cause it is cooler than the rest of Costa Rica. We stayed at a biological station and did orientation hikes in the Cloud Forest there. Which is located over the coninental divide. Near the station in the morning we worked on a field lab in the area behind us, basically trying to form any kind of ecological question in relation to plants or animals. My partner and I looked at the frequency of mushrooms on decomposing logs/trees. Assuming there would be more on trees of a higher composition. Its really cool to actually do live field experinces from scratch. We then went to La Fortuna stopping at a windmill energy plantation infront of Lake Arenal. The windmills there have been there since 1998 and are a bit outdated and if they brought newer bigger windmills in they could produce twice as much energy but they dont have the roads equipped well enough to bring it to that location. It is one of the windiest place in the world. elenapicsm..rde_038.jpgWe were able to go inside and see and here about how they work. Most Costa Rica's energy comes from hydro( about 80%-with around 35 dams) but a small percentage comes from windmills(roughly 10%) and geothermal (roughly 10%). We then made it to La Fortuna, which we unfortuanetly were unable to see the Volcano. We were supposed to head to a waterfall the next morning but the heavy rains forced us to cancel and we went to a hot spring instead. Which to my dissapointment was just a resort with no natural hot springs. But it was still fun cause they had water slides. slide.jpg

Tomorrow Costa Rica vs USA in soccer, kindof rooting for my new home Costa!!

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